9 de diciembre de 2014

Carmen Nikol entrevista a Ángel Loza para 


30 de noviembre de 2014


¿Qué harías tú para cambiar el mundo?
What would you do for change the world?


18 de noviembre de 2014

Susan Villa entrevista al cineasta Ángel Loza para Imagine TV

3 de noviembre de 2014

Nerea Zaldívar entrevista a Ángel Loza para la publicación


23 de septiembre de 2014

2 de julio de 2014


¿Qué harías tú para cambiar el mundo?
What would you do for change the world


19 de junio de 2014


¿Qué harías tú para cambiar el mundo?

What would you do to change the world?



12 de febrero de 2014

“Wake Up ! / ¡ Despierta !”

What would you do to change the world?

Written and directed by Ángel Loza
Produced by José Lozano and Ángel Loza

A film by Ángel Loza


“It’ s been a great pleasure to, not only, have interviewed people in depth but to have had spiritual conversations with all of them.
In addition, the words given to us by the creators and organizers of the festival, Filippo Giunta and Claudio Giust, as well as the Alessandro Oria who is in charge of the Culture section helped me understand the motivation behind carrying out such a festival, which, in my point of view, is so important right now.
I think we’ re alive at the most important moment of Humanity. Evolution has been taking place from the unconscious and this has to stop … personally, I know this is changing.
If we add to all this that Castellón and Bennicasim are close to my heart because I grew up there with my friends and family … the answer was clear … I had to film there “WAKE UP / ¡ DESPIERTA !”
Ángel Loza
Director of the film

Film director Ángel Loza (GOYA PRIZE winner for the film “HEROES. WINGS ARE NOT NECESSARY TO FLY” filmed scenes for WAKE UP! at the most important reggae music festival in the world "THE ROTOTOM SUNSPLASH 2011 EUROPEAN REGGEA FESTIVAL” is a 10 day festival with 230,000 people ranging from different cultures, races, beliefs, religions and
philosophies We felt this was the perfect atmosphere to answer the question “What would you do to change the world?”
The festival’s slogan, “ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE”, hinted towards the feeling people brought to the event with the intention of standing up for a better world through Love, Peace and Unity.
The festival paid tribute to Bob Marley in honor of the 30th anniversary of his death. For this reason, his wife Rita Marley and sons, Ziggy Marley, Stephen Marley and Ki- Many Marley, came to play.

The following people graced the festival with their presence: Iranian Human Rights activist SHIRIN EVADI (Nobel Peace Prize Winner) who fights for women and children rights, ALI CAMBELL ( singer and leader of UB 40), STEPHEN MARLEY, VANDANA SHIVA ( Runner-up to the Nobel Peace Prize) anti nuclear energy activist, RITA MARLEY (Bob Marley’s widow)

I think the first thing for a better world is a global change in our social-political system.
Personally, as one individual, I can do very little to change the world. There is a need for Unity and great change mostly in our awareness as a society with respect to our environment.
However, I can add my two cent. What I would do, is what I’ve been doing until now. Firstly, concentrate on a personal level to be able to work with others on future plans that include the world I live in: Mother Earth. I would like to begin with projects that are within my reach because too many projects that are too ambitious wouldn´t take me anywhere. It´s better to have just a few projects that are tangible. In addition, I reflect and I understand where I want to be, how I want to feel, where I want to live and how I can achieve all this. In order to do so, one has to learn from one ´s own mistakes which are very useful even though many people don´t think so. I remind myself every day that my life is my job. Nobody will do it for me and fortunately no one will live my life
for me. In order to do all this, one has to make an effort. Nothing is free.
With this in mind, I try to carry through with effective plans in order to make this world a better place.
I try to keep a positive attitude, even when, reality hits me in the face. Again, I learn from that: being positive doesn´t mean you have to stop being realistic. One thing doesn´t shadow the other. In my case, I try to change the world in different ways. One way is through volunteering. As a nature lover I’ve helped out where there have been natural disasters ( like the tar leak in Galicia and
later on the horrible fires that wiped out so many hectares of land in northern Spain). I’ve participated in forest repopulation and worked in logistics when there were floods in Blescas.
Other things I do to care for the environment include: limiting energy consumption and recycling because it´s not hard to do and it´s essential to take care of our surroundings. On a social level, I consider myself to be respectful towards others and am always ready to help those in need. I’ve studied with the Red Cross and organized incoming donations of books, clothes, food and medicine. I support a girl from Guatemala. In my day to day life, I try to help people in need. I have several different examples of this which I won’t bring up just now.
I want to continue cooperating and doing volunteer work. For this reason, in November, I will
attend an introductory course on co-development. I think it’s essential for every country to know how to manage its own resources.
Our society has become almost ignorant, in many cases, with regards to the need for more sensitivity and awareness towards current problems and what these can bring us in the future. I
think these problems begin within the family and continue at school. It’s a matter of early education where values are shared with children, creativity is strengthened and children are taught that they are part of nature which they should care for. They should learn that they are part of a community
which they should respect. There should be a solid base in their education to achieve more civility, fellowship, social awareness, and unity.
We should understand that we are ONE, one whole and not ONE individually. This society has become too individualistic, competitive, selfish and cold. In Unity, we will become stronger than the elite, in the face of governments, bankers and financers who really are the ones who are getting
the most out of this situation we are bearing. It is the only way we will be able to make our rights prevail. We must stay united with firm ideas which should be, in my opinion, the following values: Equality, Respect, Peace and Love.
We need equality between races and ethnic groups because we are all human and we all have the right to live a life of dignity. Until now, some countries have been ignored and abused and their natural resources have been used by others with bigger infrastructures. We need respect between one another and respect towards Mother Earth which is being mistreated by its own inhabitants; those who have called themselves “intelligent animals” lack civility and
without it … I think, we are only destroying ourselves.
We need peace among nations, an end to wars and an end to the xenophobia created by politicians and some sectors of religious extremists who really are the ones who benefit from this hatred. We need unity among people because unity is strength. We must keep united in the fight; a peaceful
fight which concerns us all. The vast majority of us are victims of this system. We need to love our brothers and sisters from other nations and we need to love this environment that we are destroying.
It is also of vital important to invest in renewable, clean and organic energy in order to preserve our environment.
We need respect for all people and for Mother Nature which is so mistreated by its sons and daughters who have named themselves “intelligent animals”.
We need peace among nations, ethnic groups, races. Only those who promote hatred and xenophobia extract benefits. Again, the fair people are the losers and the state and its affiliates are the winners.
We need Love for one´s neighbor and for Mother Nature who rebels against our way of destroying Her.
Anonymous lead role in the film

“I think Music will change the world, it is a Universal Language and the talent God has given me to share my message with the world.”
Musician and Audiovisual Producer

Personally, what I suggest for change and waking up the world is Silence. I think that only through silence we can come to hear that inner voice inside us. We all perceive it with our intuition but with so much noise around us we can´t hear it. A self retreat would be good: a retreat free of news,
books, TV, and people to talk to. I think this would help us listen to that inner voice. One day is not enough, though. I suggest a minimum of one week in the middle of nature. For many, the first few days would be confusing because of the echo of all the noise that doesn’t allow us to listen clearly.
The silence could also even make us feel disoriented because it is dense but looking at a horizon, listening to the wind and the murmur of a river would flood out the noise. Finally we’d be able to judge ourselves for what we are. We would clearly see how many, of the things we do out of habit, belong to us or form part of our social education. We would arrive to our own conclusions, give
form to our own true ideas and accept what we are. I think interior reflection is the only way we can offer anything good to the exterior. My honest suggestion is to RE-START ourselves. We should give ourselves a hug for what we are without judgments. This is the key: Only when we are truly
free, will we be ready to give life to the next generation.
Anonymous protagonist of the film

This is the most important moment in the History of Human Kind. I think we are living a collective change of consciousness.
Nobel Peace Prize